Priscilla Sheron, Deloitte, Hyderabad, India (23/11/2018):

It was a great pleasure to serve these little children on the occasion of Deloitte Impact Day-2018 with a group other volunteers. Children here are very disciplined and obedient. Credit goes to the management for taking very good care of them. Looking forward to come back soon again. God bless you!! 


Priya Reddy, Niraj Public School, Ameerpet, India (15/10/2018):

It was one of the most beautiful afternoon that I spent today with these lovely children. The kind of positive energy that inspired me. I wish them all happiness in this  world. God bless all the people who support them.


Corinne Wagener, Switzerland (06/10/2018): 

What a beautiful home you have! Thanks for being part of your family, thanks for your hospitality, thanks for taking care of so many children and women in need. You have my big respect and I wish you all the strength to continue your work, lots of love!!


Simon Utler, Freelance Journalist, Germany (27/09/2018):

Thanks for having me at your Organization! You are doing an unbelievable job at so many places where love, respect, education and security is needed! Shine on!!!


Hannah Rachael Mani, President, State Bank of India Ladies Club-Amaravathi Circle ( 07/09/2018):

We are very happy to see the happy faces and cheer of the Children found in the Model home of Chaithanya Mahila Mandali. Our great appreciation to Ms. Jayamma for the yeoman service that she is doing to the society by taking care of the vulnerable children, girls and women and we wish her all success in her endeavors.


Pratip Ganguly, Global Giving Foundation, USA (04/06/2018):

The Work you are doing is commendable. I have no words to express my gratitude towards you for serving the society is such a beautiful way. I just hope you can carry over with this work.The children and management team are amazing. Thank you so much for having me here today.


Lakshmi Ayyagari, CEO, Timeless Changes Foundation, USA (12/03/2018):

Amazing love and dedication of Jayamma is visible in each child's smile. Very well organized team. Hope this Organization will be able to give loving care to hundreds more in a sustainable way. Will tell about CMM its efforts in providing loving care to these lovely, innocent Children to all my friends and family.


David Sabau, DIZ Germany (04/02/2018):

Thank You very much for the invitation and wonderful reception. It was inspiring to meet the Children and Staff. I wish every child the best for achieving their dreams in the future. Best regards, David. 


Vino Iyer, Head, Zumba, USA (15/01/2018):

I am so happy to make it to this place, a truly dedicated in their efforts. 


Sumedha Sharma, Director, I Partner India (12/12/2017):

It was great to interact with you and the Girls, the works you are doing is so inspiring. The Children are full of energy and happy which talks a lot about the care you give. Keep it up.


Andrew Fleming, British Deputy High Commissioner-Hyderabad, India (02/12/2017):

This was a deeply moving way to experience and share thoughts, stories, joy and tears on the occasion of the International day for abolition of slavery. Bless you all till next time. 


Dr. Chetana, IPS (18/11/2017):

I got so much inspiration and energy from this place (CMM). Thank You Jayamma and Kids.


Mark Pearson, Global Director (Training and Development) AMD, USA (19/03/2017):

Thank you Girls for blessing me with your songs and dance. It was a gift to meet each of you... Thank You!


Paul Mc Gill (Training and Development) AMD, Austin, USA (19/03/2017):

What a beautiful experience you shared with us today. Thank You for sharing your singing & dancing talents. Dream big & don't give up on dreams !


Dr. Venkata Ramana, RTO, Secunderabad, India (08/01/2017):

Good time spent in this Children Home, all the Children are very active, my promise that I visit regularly and help... God bless all of you.


Tona Vincent, St.Jospeh's College, Kerala, India (05/10/2016):

It was my first experience hearing from the women of CMM through this study tour to CMM, I got enlightened, as a social worker decided to work for such victims if I get an opportunity to work in the same field in my life.


Fr. Johnson Timothy, St.Joseph's College, Pilathara, Kannur, Kerala, India (05/10/2016):

We visited CMM as an exposure Visit to our social work students, the work done by CMM is awesome and great humanitarian work, congratulations. 


Clarissa, Germany (29/07/2016):

Would want to thank CMM for the wonderful 11 months we could spent here as Volunteer for the Children home and the IT Center at Shamshabad; We look forward to seeing you all again. We won't forget you.


Christina and Maria, DIZ, Germany (16/06/2016):

It was a pleasure to meet with the good people of CMM and visit many of their field level activities, we admire their service for the women and girls in the Urban and Rural areas.


Ms. Aesha Dhawan, W/o. Mr. Shikhar Dhawan, Indian Criketer (25/04/2016):

What an absolute treasure. Had a wonderful time, seeing such amazing kids, staff and helpers are such wonderful people. Feel blessed to have had this experience.


Dr. Rahul Mirchandani, Executive Director, Aries Agro Limited (25/04/2016):

It was a pleasure to visit your home and extend our support to your amazing work. God bless all the Children and hope each of them live their life well. Best Wishes!!! 


Ms.Tejaswi Prasad, Executive Corporate and NGO Relations, Unitedway of Hyderabad (22/02/2016):

Good Initiative, looking forward to support this Cause...


Mr. Sanjeev Jain, Director Finance, Gati (14/02/2016):

Work of GOD. Met Angels.


Ms.Charu Sinha, IPS, Director Inspector General, Anti-Corruption Bureau, State of Telangana (Govt.of Telangana) (09/01/2016):

This is a beautiful home with beautiful children. God bless!!!


Prof. Usha Raman, Dept. of Communication, University of Hyderabad (14/10/2015):

Wonderful work! Very Inspiring.


Ms. Caralena Boudreaux, CEO, Miracle Foundation, USA (04/08/2015):

Beautiful home, amazing Children and great work. Thank you for your live work for children. You are a Blessing!!!


Ms. Nivedita Das Gupta, Country Head, Miracle Foundation India (04/08/2015):

Awesome work, very inspiring.


Ms. K. Aruna, Regional Manager, Concern India Foundation, Chennai (08/07/2015):

Good to see the committed team working towards bringing change in next generation of exploited community and bring a lasting change among them... a great Job... Keep it up.


Resham Gupta, H. R. Manager, Taj Banjara, Hyderabad, India (05/05/2015):

We had a Poster competition at Chaithanya Happy Home and we feel blessed after meeting such wonderful kids. Looking forward to our next visit. Lots of Love!!!


Rtn. Hyma Rao (26/03/2015):

We are touched by the awesome services undertaken by CMM, had visited with  District Governer Rtn. Malladi Vasu Dev, Rotary International District 3150 along with other Rotarians. Feel blessed to know people like Jayamma who committedly work for the empowerment of Children of Sex trafficked Victims.


Sri. M. Jaya Raju, Asst.Commissioner of Police (ACP), Ist.TSSP, (10/01/2015):

Wonderful initiative, we will continue to support CMM 's effort in changing lives.


Smt. Anasuya DSP and CID Team, Government of Telangana State (18/09/2014):

We appreciate the work done by CMM and Ms.Jayamma, towards anti-human trafficking effort and health of Sex Workers. It is excellent to see their inspiring services and wish them all the best in their endeavors. 


Oracle Volunteers, Hyderabad, India (31/05/2014):

No words to describe, first time felt happy entire day. Very much memorable experience to spent full day with the Children, shall be eager to make more visits in future.


Anil Masiya, Project Officer, Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) (02/04/2014):

It was a wonderful experience to visit CMM and CHH. I wish them all the very best for future and hope CAF and CMM relationship to grow in the days to come.


Julia and Lilly, volunteered with the Children from Nov. 19-2013-31 March 2014 from Germany:

We thank CMM for the great opportunity extended, we felt compfortable here and enjoyed the family atmosphere. A great vision and Mission. We wish CMM all the very best.


Ambassador Dr. Eric Goospy, Office of the US Global AIDS Coordinator, Office of the Global health Diplomacy, USA (02/05/2013):

Wonderful Services! Bravo!


Ms. Elisa Streicher, Friends of Waldorf Education, Germany (14/01/2013):

It was nice to see this inspiring project and to get to know the place our volunteers work at. All the very best for the future.


Dr. N. Edirisinghe, Director, National AIDS Control Program, Srilanka (27/06/2012):

We admire the work done by CMM to keep the HIV prevention in Andhra Pradesh.


Mr. Y. R. W. Wijegunawardane, Director Inspector General (DIG) - Crimes Range, Sri Lanka (27/06/2012):

It is a very informative and fruitful program. We got a very good experience by interacting with the members of CMM. Thanks! 


Mr. Deepak Gauri, IPS (15/06/2012):

I would only wish the Organization well in all its endeavors and may it continue to improve the lives of sexworkers and also prevent young girls and women from being forced into this. Thank you for such an enriching experience.


Mr. Rahul Pandey, IPS (15/06/2012):

My horizon got widened about the various issues pertaining to sex workers, after an informative interaction with CMM. Keep up the good Work.


Mr. David Dorrance, Vice-President, ACASS-Canada (12/03/2012):

Inspiring and beautiful work, we will do what we can to assist both long and short term. A work of love. God bless all involved in this truly useful project.


Ms. Christine Galavotti, CARE, USA (19/10/2011):

Congratulations on your great work and best of luck in the future.


Ms. A. Johri, IAS, Joint Secretary, NACO, Govt. of India, Delhi (17/06/2009):

This CBO has come long way, has impressive work of collectivization. Keep it up.


Ms. AT Sugunuma, Japan Consulate Development (27/11/2008):

I am so impressed by your work, thank you so much.


Mr. Manilal N. Ragavan, National Project Officer, National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), Delhi, India (24/10/2008):

Good work, Best Wishes!


Dr. R. V. Chandravadan, IAS, Project Director, AP State AIDS Control Society (APSACS), Govt.of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, India (10/10/2008):

Good sustained work, Keep it up.


Ms. Vidya R Ganest, Chief, HIV/AIDS Section, UNICEF India (27/09/2008):

My best wishes. Hope your dreams of living a life free of HIV and financially independent comes true. Very impressive work clearly there is a good impact. Keep it up. I feel very privileged to have shared few moments with you.


Mr. Rajesh Rana, Technical Officer, IEC, NACO, Delhi, India (15/07/2008):

Good effort by the group of females. Wishing you good luck.


Dr. Michael Fridedman, CDC, US Consulate Chennai, India (23/05/2008):

Excellent interaction and useful program information. We appreciate work being done. Keep it up!



Dr. Stacie Greby, CDC US Consulate Chennai, India (23/05/2008):

Thank you for educating us and your work with your community.


Ms. Supriya Sahu, Project Director, TANSACS, Chennai, India (18/10/2007):

Excellent work being done. It is heartwarming to see the intervention reaching the population. Wishing you all the best.


Ms. Nandine Bandopadhyee, Associate Director, HIV-SRH, NACO, Delhi, India (18/06/2007):

All of you have got a very good start and have a lot of potential to do lot more. Keep it up.


Mr. M. Ayyappan, Chairman and Managing Director, Hindustan Latex Limited (20/02/2006):

CMM is doing good work. I am impressed. Keep up the good work.


Dr. Dennis Broun, Country Coordinator, UN AIDS, Delhi, India (30/07/2005):

Congratulations on your courage, your quality of work and your optimisms. AIDS will be defeated by people like you.


Smt. K. Damayanthi, IAS, Project Director, AP State AIDS Control Society (APSACS), Hyderabad, India (13/06/2005):

I wish CMM should be a role model in the State. Keep up the good work.


Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, IAS, Director General, National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), Delhi, India (13/06/2005):

I appreciate the good work of CMM. I wish them good luck in their efforts.


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