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If you decide to become a sponsor of one of the projects or causes mentioned below, kindly klick the button and write an email to us (jsthomas@chaithanyamahilamandali.orgstating your full name and intentions. We will then send you the banking details.


If you wish so, from now on you will regularly receive information and news about Chaithanya Mahila Mandali and the Chaithanya Happy Home.

The sponsorship persists only as long as you wish.


Thank you so much.

We try to provide quality education for the girls at Chaithanya Happy Home (CHH). From class 1 to 10 they attend a private school in Secunderabad. To pay the annual school fees for every girl we need your help!

4,000 INR | 50€ | $60 (USD) per year

To accomodate a girl at the Chaithanya Happy Home (CHH) means to supply food and clothes, provide medical and psychological care and pay for the annual school fees.

81,000 INR | 1,000€ | $1,100 (USD) per year

After graduating from 10th standard we want to give every girl living in the Chaithanya Happy Home (CHH) the opportunity to continue their studies in Junior College. To enable them to do so and to pay the much higher school fees for College we need your help!

28,000 INR | 350€ | $400 (USD) per year

To provide the best home we can for the girls at Chaithanya Happy Home (CHH) we have Care Takers and House Mothers to look after the children at all times. You can support CHH by sponsoring one Care Taker or House Mother!

10,000 INR | 125€ | $140 (USD) per month

Chaithanya Mahila Mandali has 10 Tuition Centers that support 300 slum children with after school tuition. There they can do their homework in a safe environment and get the after school support they need to improve their situation through education. To keep these centers going we need your help!

8,000 INR | 100€ | $110 (USD) per month

In many rural Government Schools there is a need for Desks and Benches. Often children have to sit on the floor while attending classes. By donating you can make lessons as comfortable as sitting on a bench and having a desk for rural schoolchildren.

8,000 INR | 100€ | $110 (USD)

To provide alternative livelihoods for women in prostitution Chaithanya Mahila Mandali offers sewing trainings. After learning about sewing in one of CMM´s Training Centers those woman need to be given a sewing machine that enables them to pursue sewing to assure their livelihood.

15,500 INR | 200€ | $225 (USD)

To take away a girls vulnerability to human trafficking and sex trade girls need to know about Reproductive Health and Human Trafficking. Chaithanya Mahila Mandali organises workshops where doctors talk to girls from rural Government School about these issues and all the girls doubts can be discussed. You can help young girls to live a self-determined life by sponsoring one of these workshops!

12,100 INR | 150€ | $170 (USD) per workshop

Rural children often have to travel many kilometres to reach school. Especially during the rainy season this often gets a problem and children stop going to school because they can´t take on the long and difficult way.

To enable a rural child to go to school all year long you can donate a bicycle.

8,000 INR | 100€ | $110 (USD)

Dear friends

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering a contribution that will directly transform the future of a vulnerable girl and pave the way for a brighter life for a struggling family.Your support is invaluable to us, and we invite you to reach out to us at or call us to discuss how your generous donation can make a significant difference.Thank you in advance for your compassion and commitment.

Warm Regards

CMM Team


Liebe Freunde

 Wir freuen uns über jeden Cent ihrer Spende, der direkt einem Mädchen in einer schwierigen Lebenssituation zu Gute kommt, welches von einer sicheren Zukunft und einer neuen Familie in einem besseren Leben träumt...

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter oder rufen Sie uns an. 

Vielen Dank im Vorraus!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Ihr CMM Team



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