CMM´s Anniversaries

CMM´s 19th Anniversary on January 24th 2019

CMM´s 18th Anniversary on January 24th 2018

CMM´s 13th Anniversary on January 24th 2013

CMM has celebrated its 13th anniversary on 24th Jan. 2013 in a different way on request of the board, staff and the children.


The specialty of this celebration was that there were no outside invitees so as to have an exclusive community. We celebrated on an open-air ground with no artificial arrangments about 6o kilometers away from our head office, called Yadagirigutta. The place also has a famous Temple (Narasimhaswamy Temple). There, the community members and the staff were sharing experiences of their work, their achievements and also about the transformation that was brought within the community by CMM. Self prepared delicious meals, sports and competitions were part of the program just like recognition of staff and distribution of awards to those who performed well so as to encourage everybody to work effectively in the coming years.

CMM´s Anniversary on January 24th 2012

Dear friends

We feel honoured by every penny of your contribution that shall directly impact a girl in a vulnerable situation who is dreaming about a safe future and a family which leads to a better life...

Please consider contacting us or call us.

Thank you in advance!


CMM Team


Liebe Freunde

 Wir freuen uns über jeden Cent ihrer Spende, der direkt einem Mädchen in einer schwierigen Lebenssituation zu Gute kommt, welches von einer sicheren Zukunft und einer neuen Familie in einem besseren Leben träumt...

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter oder rufen Sie uns an. 

Vielen Dank im Vorraus!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Ihr CMM Team



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